How to use fondant on cakes

how to use fondant on cakes

A lot of people who make cakes think there is some mystery to working with fondant. I say with a little knowledge to help you out you can just dive right in and.
If you've seen some of the elaborate fondant cakes out there, you've The thickness you should use to cover a cake is a much debated issue.
Once the fondant is rolled to the desired shape, size and thickness, you should start to put the fondant on the cake. Follow the steps and once you finish, your. Cornstarch, to keep the fondant from sticking to everything. . Don't put the pieces on the cake until the day you'll be serving it, since the moist.
In the video I cover basic fondant information- how to roll out the fondant, how to cover your cake, and then I.
How to prep and execute a basic fondant cake. You will need: 1. Cake - Can use box cake from the grocery store, in this Instructable I made 2 8" round cakes 2. how to use fondant on cakes