Marshmallow fondant recipes for cakes

marshmallow fondant recipes for cakes

Impress your family and friends with making your own fondant! How to Make EASY MARSHMALLOW FONDANT FOR CAKES AND CUPCAKES Recipe.
CakeBoss Marshmallow Fondant Recipe and Tutorial more, or you're covering dummy cakes and don't want to spend a small fortune on pre-made fondant.
SUBSCRIBE HERE: Get the Cupcake Addiction Recipe Book HERE: http. Marshmallow Fondant Recipe. Sometimes birthdays call for special cakes. This was one such birthday my daughter shared with her best friend.
In the written recipe below, I've included ingredients for a single batch. I can make 6 pounds of homemade marshmallow fondant for under.
You can use marshmallow fondant as you would regular fondant, to cover cakes, form shapes, and make candy. Be warned that it tends to get sticky in moist. marshmallow fondant recipes for cakes


Homemade Vegan Marshmallow Fondant