Best cakes with fondant

best cakes with fondant

The best cake to use when covering with fondant is a cake that is firm. My first choice is the best carrot cake recipe on this website with butercream or cream cheese filling. I have also used the chocolate cake recipe and the white wedding cake recipe many times with great success ‎ Chocolate Cake Recipes · ‎ White Wedding Cake Recipe · ‎ BEST carrot cake recipe.
So, I haven't really worked alot with fondant and was wondering what kind of cake is best to use to cover a cake in fondant. Looking for any  What Is The Best Frosting Under Fondant?.
All of your questions answered regarding covering cakes in fondant. Can I use a certain recipe? What is best to use under the fondant?.

Best cakes with fondant - York Yankees

Is it possible to frost and fondant ice a ginger cake. Do we need to say those three little words? Thank you so much for sharing your recipes and knowledge! This cake goes the distance! Mine also cooked a lot faster than they recommend. I am not a greta one to ask about fondant decorated cakes I dont do too many so I would design dessert be guessing. best cakes with fondant Rainbow Cake · Buttercream Recipe · Fondant Recipe I made the vanilla recipe last night and I must say that it's the best vanilla cake recipe I have EVER had!.
Fondant -Covered Wedding Cake with Raspberries and Chocolate 2 3/4 pounds (44 ounces) good -quality white chocolate (such as Lindt, Callebaut or.
I use this basic butter cake recipe for my fondant decorated cakes. I often make But for the cake, do you have a good chocolate butter cake recipe? Im afraid to.