Can you freeze fondant cakes

can you freeze fondant cakes

I researched and found that several cake "experts" said no, you can 't freeze a fondant covered cake, while others gave the green light. So we.
After that, I started refrigerating my cakes. You can read more about it here (it's tip #4). I've heard that some cake artists use humidity controlled.
No, you can not freeze a fondant covered cake. The problem is when it is defrosting, the moisture is trapped under the fondant and has no. can you freeze fondant cakes My mom put a package of Wilton cake fondant in the freezer by mistake. One of the replies says that if you do freeze your fondant, you have to.
I just did it! I had to make a wedding cake for my cousin who lives 14 hours away. I was worried about driving that far this time of year with all theĀ  Freezing Fondant Covered Cake With Luster Dust And Black Ribbon.
I keep hearing you can freeze fondant and cake for different reasons, but have not heard on what to do after they are frozen. Specifically my.