Fondant cakes how to

fondant cakes how to

Martha explains how to cover a crumb-coated cake with fondant to prepare a super-smooth surface (in lieu of a second coat of frosting).
When I was first teaching myself to work with fondant, I found one of the hardest parts was actually covering the cake and having it look smooth.
Cover the cake with a thin layer of buttercream using a pallet knife. The buttercream will help the fondant stick to the cake, so make sure to get the top and sides. Learn How to Make Rolled Fondant for easy cake decorating as part of my Bold Baking Basics series. And you can even make your own.
A beautiful and tasty fondant cake always adds additional pleasure to a party. This article teaches us how to make a good looking and yum fondant cake.
How to prep and execute a basic fondant cake. You will need: 1. Cake - Can use box cake from the grocery store, in this Instructable I made 2 8" round cakes 2.

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Thank you very much. How long will the cake keep before presentation? I freeze my crumb coated cakes for over an hour before applying fondant. That will certainly work for you, it sounds like a slab cake! Make sure your work surface is clean and free of any crumbs. fondant cakes how to

Fondant cakes how to - was

The Decorating fondant cakes word mark and logo are trademarks of BBC Worldwide Ltd. In place of glucose syrup you can use corn syrup. Now position your other hand on the side of the cake toward the top and press the fondant into the side.