Lego cakes using fondant

lego cakes using fondant

Here is how you make the Lego fondant cupcake toppers in 8 easy steps. Step 6 – Cut lots of fondant circles with straw then allow them to dry.
This tutorial shows you how to make some lego from fondant - I've made 6 different cupcake toppers to.
The Coolest Lego Cake Topper Tutorial Ever: Perfect for Birthdays Roll out red fondant thick (approximately with the rolling pin and trim. want to do this one Top 10 Easy Lego Cake Ideas with Tutorials . How to Do Fondant Cake | joy*: EASY LEGO CAKE -- A Piece of LEGO That's a Piece of.
Great for your lego themed birthday parties or just a fun project Tags: Lego cupcakes, fondant legos.
I have been wanting to make a lego -type cake for a very long time. I am not Name Topper: make your own with fondant and the font template.

Lego cakes using fondant - Arbor

Add final coat of frosting to each cake. Like coloring water or your cookies, coloring fondant involves adding a few drops of food coloring and then blending, blending, blending.