Cakes with waves in fondant

cakes with waves in fondant

I can't find a picture but I mean when you roll the fondant out flat like you i suspect if you want uniform cresting waves you have to make a.
Making Ocean waves using blue and white fondant strategically mix or "swirl " together. Then roll out into strips of various sizes and add around cakes.
Learn this popular easy, quick technique, which involves layering strips of fondant to create an ombré wave effect! Perfect for any sea-themed cake. cakes with waves in fondant

Cakes with waves in fondant - here

Using some sugar glue CMC added to a little hot water will make a nice glue that can be used for all sugar work on the straight part of the textured piece attach the piece to the cake. Perfect for any sea-themed cake. Can't wait to try this out!!! Repeat the waves and the brush work around the entire cake. Comment on recipes, tutorials and photos. Mail order cakes away the edges with a paintbrush, and thin them slightly between thumb and forefinger. Zoes Fancy Cakes. In this video I show you how to create a wave effect around the side of your.
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Wave cake with boat on top. Wave Cake. Star Scorpio CAKE TREND ~ Ombre Fondant Ruffle Tutorial.


Wave Cake