Freeeze fondant cakes

freeeze fondant cakes

Can I freeze this cake? it is covered in MMF and buttercream underneath. I told her that I have put a fondant cake in the freezer before and I  You Can Freeze A Fondant Covered Cake Successfully.
The Do's (and Serious Don'ts) of Freezing Your Wedding Cake To note, fondant cakes or cakes made with citrus curd layers preserve better.
How to Freeze a Decorated Cake : Cake Decorating Learn about decorating cakes with help from a. I keep hearing you can freeze fondant and cake for different reasons, but have not heard on what to do after they are frozen. Specifically my.
I, like many people, was taught that you can't refrigerate fondant. And so, for many years, I didn't refrigerate my cakes, until the unfortunate.
I researched and found that several cake "experts" said no, you can't freeze a fondant covered cake, while others gave the green light. So we.