Freezing cakes with fondant

freezing cakes with fondant

There are a few questions I had before I started freezing cakes. As a newbie I was . How do I store a cake already covered in fondant?.
Can I freeze this cake? it is covered in MMF and buttercream underneath. I told her that I have put a fondant cake in the freezer before and I  You Can Freeze A Fondant Covered Cake Successfully.
I researched and found that several cake "experts" said no, you can't freeze a fondant covered cake, while others gave the green light. So we.

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Thanks shanita Hi Alexis, you can freeze toppers — I actually have like three bowls in my freezer with flowers and stuff, on stand by for those last minute orders that tend to come in. What could have happened to the cakes when sliced? This will help to keep the cakes fresh and are so much easier to work black and white fondant cakes. If it is a different one please let me know. Daily Updates Weekly Updates Rose Atwater is the founder and cake decorator behind Rose Bakes. Hi Rose, i have enjoyed reading this article about refrigerating fodant cakes. As a rule, I always wrap the cake unless there is a chance that might harm a decoration.


How to Keep Cupcakes Moist With Icing Overnight : Cupcake Treats freezing cakes with fondant Tutorial with info and instructions on how to freeze cakes and how to defrost cakes The same goes for covering a cake with fondant or modeling chocolate.
When cake was delivered i noticed fondant got wrinkles. Hi Gina, Freezing cakes with chocolate ganache icing as a crumb coat should not be a problem.
I don't plan to freeze it with fondant decorations (which I realize would probably break). I just want to cover the cake with fondant, freeze it for a.