Steamer for fondant cakes

steamer for fondant cakes

I wanted to make my black fondant cake board shiny, and steaming it did, but it didn't last. I find that add long as I let the steamer heat and give  What Steamer Brand Do You Recommend For Steaming Fondant?.
In addition to giving the fondant a soft glossy finish, steam can also remove traced of . to accidentally leave fingerprints and other marks while moving the cake.
Picture. The first method used to make fondant shiny is by lightly steaming it with a hand-held steamer. Steaming fondant helps get rid of any powdered sugar or.

Steamer for fondant cakes - how

Playing around recently I used it to steam my cake out of curiosity as I wasn't going to be doing enough cakes to warrant the expense of a separate steamer. The degree of gloss varies depending on the technique, so the best one to use may depend on the project itself. Jack Skellington Cake Pops. I can't believe that never crossed my mind to use a pot of boiling water!! To see addresses, please.

Steamer for fondant cakes - fried these

Use a small, soft paintbrush to evenly apply the glaze of the surface of the fondant. Instead I use a thin film of shortening on counter, which not only works better as "anti-stick", but does not dry it out. I never would have thought of using a steamer on a cake! If you don't have vodka, clear grain shower party cakes may also work. This glaze should be permanent, so re-application is not necessary. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Product link to My Little Steamer Go Mini: Visit my online store for awesome tutorials!.
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Cake decorating · You don't need to buy a professional steamer to give your dusted sugar flowers . How to Make Edible Glue for Fondant Cake Decorations.


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Cakes with fondant weed plants Add both to Cart. Any decorations I've made that have powdered sugar residue on them, the steam dissolves that nicely. Leave your piece to dry for a little while and if it isn't shiny, enough steam again. Oils and fats can collect on these sheets from previous easy pretty fondant cakes, and the residue can be enough to cause separation of this glaze. I will have to try that.