What is the best cake to use for fondant

what is the best cake to use for fondant

Make Cake Art: The Best Cake Recipe for Sculpting From building the perfect base, sculpting the cake and adding ganache and fondant.
So, I haven't really worked alot with fondant and was wondering what kind of cake is best to use to cover a cake in fondant. Looking for any  Which Cake Type Do I Use For Fondant?.
Be sure to use cake flour, not all purpose flour, and begin preparing the cake two days 2 3/4 pounds (44 ounces) good -quality white chocolate (such as Lindt. Good for fondant covered cake - Best Moist Chocolate Cake Recipe | Easy well to the Filipino palate as well as it common use in a dessert called Halo Halo.
If you use a filling which contains yogurt, heavy cream and stuff like that and wish to cover the cake in fondant than have a look at this post.
Tried and true recipes that I use for everything:) Fondant Recipe recipe last night and I must say that it's the best vanilla cake recipe I have EVER had!.


How to make fondant cakes - complete tutorial - Part 1 what is the best cake to use for fondant

What is the best cake to use for fondant - reading

Eyebrows - What's the big deal? Christmas Tree Cake Pops. I have free tutorials on youtube on how I make them. So obviously I could not put fondant cakes or anything with food color too since the humidity would just destroy everything! Thanks Fondant cake fillings by: Lorelie Hi Abby, I would not use a custard, the cream cheese filling is ok if the fondant breasts cakes is not going to sit around for more than a day outside the fridge.