Camouflage fondant cakes

camouflage fondant cakes

We admit it sounds kind of gross that you need to use glue to put your cake together, but we promise this is not even close to your childhood Elmer's. Rather.
Here is an tutorial how to make camouflage fondant cake. Hope it will be helpful. First find the camouflage pattern you like and transfer it on a.
Drop and give me 10 cupcakes! Create cool, camouflage cupcakes and cakes with this step-by-step camo fondant tutorial. camouflage fondant cakes I made this Hunting themed cake for Sunday for my Nephew, and I thought I'd share with you how I made the camo fondant as I struggled to find.
Here's my tutorial on How to make camouflage fondant. This method works to make any type of camo. I made this camo birthday cake for my Brother, who loves.
I made camo fondant just last night to cover a 12 in. round cake. after making several shades of brown and green, i just tore off pieces and  Fondant Camouflage Air Force Plane.


How To Make Camo Cake!

Camouflage fondant cakes - their success

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