Charges for fondant cakes

charges for fondant cakes

I have been adding fondant figures to some of my cakes and was just wondering how to charge for them. Some are very time consuming and I  How Do You Price A Fondant Cake?.
All fondant cakes are frosted with creamy and smooth buttercream frosting, then There are many costs involved in creating your special cake including cake.
Buttercream average starting price is $3 per guest. Fondant average starting price is $4 per guest. Delivery and set up charge is usually $50. Delivered wedding. charges for fondant cakes See More. Portion Guide How Much Fondant Icing Will It Take To Cover My Cake Cake Pricing Guide: How Much to Charge for Cakes (Pricing Cakes).
Calculate your costs before you agree to even make the cake. such as, “ Fondant cakes start at per serving” or “Wedding cakes start at.
3) Labor costs – The person making that cake needs to get paid. someone baking that cake, sweeping that floor and rolling out that fondant.

Charges for fondant cakes - decorated the

Please advise as I will not use it if you wont let me. Most people will understand.


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