Fondant and buttercream cakes

fondant and buttercream cakes

However, some of these methods might also work for attaching fondant decorations to buttercream covered cakes. I don't do many buttercream.
Find out if you can put fondant decorations on butter cream icing with help Pleated Buttercream Cake.
Page 1 of 2 - Decorate a cake with fondant and buttercream - posted in Hobbies & Crafts: Hi all mummies, i am new to this forum and would like. fondant and buttercream cakes Fondant and buttercream together!! by Tina Saito (Surrey, British Columbia, Canada). Fondant Decorations On A Buttercream Cake.
All right, I am a well experienced cake baker and decorator. However, ALL my experience is with buttercream. My SIL is getting married in May.
Buttercream or fondant: which is the icing on your cake? Here's an exploration of what they are and how to use them. On Craftsy!.


How to Quilt Fondant & Buttercream