Fondant fringe on cakes

fondant fringe on cakes

Fringe can come in a lot of different forms, but this version of a colorful fondant fringe birthday cake may be my favorite form yet! It is festive, bright, and a great.
Fondant Cake Recipe - Cakes are one of the most versatile of foods in terms of external design and this fringe fondant cake recipe lets you explore the limitles. fringe cake / For each heart design, use green fondant and baroque mold to make two.


How to Make Fondant Like on "Cake Boss" : Fortune Cookies & More Inspired by Karl Lagerfeld's froufrou dress for fall, this pink fondant cake has row upon row of flirty petals. “The feathery fringe doesn't have to be.
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However, I have been trying to make the fringe's but seem to be Moisten the uncut edge of fondant strip (or around the cake where you want  Applying Fondant To A Pillow Cake.