Chocolate cake covered in fondant icing

chocolate cake covered in fondant icing

That's it really. Am great at decorating but hit and miss with the baking. Made a choc cake last weekend with oil instead of butter and it was vile.
Learn how to cover a stacked, filled sponge cake with buttercream icing before rolling over fondant icing and polishing for a smooth, neat finish.
The best cake to use when covering with fondant is a cake that is firm. Can I put fondant icing over a chocolate cake, and how long before the wedding day.


Preparing a cake before covering with fondant icing chocolate cake covered in fondant icing

Was: Chocolate cake covered in fondant icing

Chocolate cake covered in fondant icing Christening cake designs for boy and girl
ART THEMED BIRTHDAY PARTY CAKE Please can I use dark chocolate Ganache with all butter vanilla cake? I am making the chocolate cake today, and decorating it tomorrow. Thanks so much in advance for your help. If you live elsewhere though they may be a bit harder to find and you may need to consider ordering them from Aus or NZ. I have a week off work just over two weeks before the contemporary birthday cakes and wondered if I could freeze the completely ganached cakes ganached inside and out and as the wedding is on Friday when would you take them out?
Cakes of one pound with no fondant Hi Mihiri, I suggest downloading the Ganache Calculator I link to in the post, it gives you options to input the size of your cakes and how many layers of filling you need. Most Viewed This Week. Hi Natalie, loved the tutorial! Attach your first layer of cake to the board with a dab of ganache, then fill and stack all your layers. Another tip I found useful best baby shower cake flavors making a dam for the filling specially if the filling is of softer consistency.
BIRTHDAY CAKES FONDANT The chocolate mud cake was a hit with everyone. There is no right or wrong way to ganache a cake, you just need to find the way that works for you! This is a wonderful tutorial! Cake Decorating Tutorials How to Ganache a Cake. I managed to ganache my cake smoothly and really happy with the results! So when you go to apply the fondant, you need to brush the surface of the ganache with water or a sugar syrup, or you can rub the surface with shortening like Crisco. Top with salted caramel sauce, chocolate or strawberry sauce!