Fondant sheet cakes

fondant sheet cakes

A world-leading manufacturer of Rolled Fondant Cake Icing located in The Hudson Valley, New York. Round Cake - Approx. 4" high Sheet Cake - Approx.
This beautiful cake comes with buttercream icing, accented with green leaves and fondant daisies and then airbrushed with pearl to give it that perfect glow!.
Covering a square cake with fondant is easy - Using THE MAT. The only FOOD SAFE VINYL MAT AVAILABLE.


how to make homemade fondant sugar paste icing how to cook that ann reardon What do I charge for a 1/2 sheet cake covered in fondant with a 6 inch round stacked on top with a princess cut "engagement" ring (made out of  Fondant For Large Cakes - Cake Central.
This includes buttercream and fondant cakes. For tiered cakes Per serving, or set price and if set price how much per sheet cake? Are your.
Share this · Ambrosia Bakery, Cross on Fondant Cake. Cross On Fondant Sheet Cake. All Ambrosia "Sheet Cakes" are split with a filling of choice. Read more. fondant sheet cakes