How long can u keep fondant cakes for

how long can u keep fondant cakes for

I have to make a cake (that consist of 3 cakes) for someone but there is no way that I can decorate all 3 cakes on the same day. How long can   How To Store Fondant Covered Cakes.
I, like many people, was taught that you can 't refrigerate fondant. And so, for many years, I didn't refrigerate my cakes, until the unfortunate.
Can you fill and cover a red velvet cake with cream cheese icing THEN put fondant over the whole cake? If so, do I then have to refrigerate it? How long will it be. Immediately after you lay your fondant, get it in the fridge! This will solidify it in its intial shape and prevent cake bulging. If you need to decorate.
I've read that many cakes may sweat but if you leave it at room temp for a while, when they come out but as long as you don't touch them before they come back I am afraid that the fondant will bleed onto the buttercream.
If you further bring sculpted fondant into the cake decoration from delicate refrigerate a fondant -covered cake, although problems with moisture can still arise.