Rolled fondant cakes

rolled fondant cakes

Fondant icing, also commonly referred to simply as fondant is an edible icing used to decorate or sculpt cakes and pastries. It is made from sugar, water, gelatin, and glycerol. It does not have the texture of most icings; rolled fondant is akin to stiff clay, Rolled fondant is rolled out like a pie crust and used to cover the cake.
So if you measured 10 inches across the top and your cake is 3 inches tall, that's 16 inches of cake total. Roll out the fondant to at least.
In the video I cover basic fondant information- how to roll out the fondant, how to cover your cake, and then I.

Rolled fondant cakes - Birds cupcakes

Hi Summer Glad I came to ur site! Can't believe how easy this is! It's basically oil that is solid. I hate to ask this but I have to, I am dying to try the meringue buttercream frosting, I am.

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rolled fondant cakes Rolled fondant is a sugar paste that, as the name implies, can be rolled. It is used to cover cakes to give it a nice, smooth finish. It is also used to make.
There is no icing that is easier to smooth on a cake than Rolled Fondant. Its dough-like consistency makes it perfect for hand-shaping flowers.
Cake - Can use box cake from the grocery store, in this Instructable I made 2 8" round cakes 2. Fondant 3. Fondant rolling pin 4. Various cookie cutters 5.