Cover cake with fondant

cover cake with fondant

When I was first teaching myself to work with fondant, I found one of the hardest parts was actually covering the cake and having it look smooth.
Martha explains how to cover a crumb-coated cake with fondant to prepare a super-smooth surface (in lieu of a second coat of frosting).
How to prep and execute a basic fondant cake. You will I like to spread a small portion to cover the exposed cake and then pipe on more frosting for filling.

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If the cake will be small enough to flip over, then I would suggest this and bear with me, I hope this makes sense! You cannot apply fondant to an ice cream cake because it is too delicate. for cake photos and supplies in video. "Like" us on facebook at http://www.
How to Wrap a Cake With Fondant ~ A step-by-step tutorial for covering a cake in fondant using the wrapping method. Guaranteed sharp edge.
Fondant fear begone! If you're feeling a little daunted at covering a cake, read on for our guide on how to cover a cake with fondant perfectly. cover cake with fondant