Fondant baby shower cakes prices

fondant baby shower cakes prices

I was asked to do a belly cake for a baby shower, Using a half sheet cake and the belly Dress over top.. They want white fondant dress and.
I know this will vary depending on area, but does anyone have some ballpark pricing on their baby shower cake?Was quoted $120 for the one below only with.
fondant portion guide - how much fondant icing will it take to cover my cake? .. ISSUU - Celebration Cakes Religious Baby Shower and Bridal by Michael.

Fondant baby shower cakes prices - the

We choose what works for us. Its very helpful for us learning the business. Baby Rattle Cake Bule, Brown and White. The home baker is here to stay there is nothing you can do about it. They have pretty large cakes for a reasonable price and they are yummy. -- They have some baby shower designs, and make great cake, at a.
baby shower cake prices ...... Baby Shower Cakes - Amphora Bakery www.
Fondant Cake Prices. I was also One of my coworkers asked me to make her baby shower cake and cupcakes instead of giving her a gift. fondant baby shower cakes prices


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