How to make fondant decorations for cakes

how to make fondant decorations for cakes

While fondant is my medium of choice and is what was utilized to create this Cinderella cupcake set, toppers can also be created with gum.
I use the glue if I am making figures but if just sticking a pattern onto the cake where not much weight is involved then I just use water.
Quick tip on how to attach your fondant accents to your fondant covered cake. Adding exciting decorations in fondant is easy with the Fondant.


Making Homemade Fondant in Minutes Easy fondant cupcake toppers for bridal shower or princess party How to make easy fondant bugs for cake decorating and cupcake toppers - step by step.
Homemade fondant that is easy AND tasty? Here you go!!! Every time I see cute cupcakes or cakes decorated in fondant I love them and then.
In this online baking course, we teach you how to decorate a cake using fondant. Watch this video and see. how to make fondant decorations for cakes