How to make tiered cakes with fondant

how to make tiered cakes with fondant

Cover 6 in. and 10 in. cakes with white fondant ; 8 in. cake with light orchid fondant. Reserve Make mini flowers and leaves for 8 in. cake.
Simplicity. So you have been asked to make a tiered cake. Ok enough about me and memory lane, lets get to the details of How to Make a 3 Tiered Cake! First of .. First time here. this recipe is good for fondant too? thanks.
If you are doing a multi- tiered cake, measure one tier at a time. The buttercream will help the fondant stick to the cake, so make sure to get the top and sides of. how to make tiered cakes with fondant How to prep and execute a basic fondant cake. You will Step 1: Prep the Cake - Tier 1 After the cake has cooled, you need to make the top of the cake flat.
Take your cake to the next level with this tutorial on how tomake tiered cakes.
and how to stack a two- tiered cake. Here is a example of a basic two- tier cake. But first we At this point ice the cake and cover it with fondant.