Quick pour fondant cakes

quick pour fondant cakes

How to Make Pourable Fondant : Take The Cake . Quick Pour Chocolate Fondant /Glaze by DIANE LOVE TO.
When poured fondant hardens around a cake it seals in moisture . Give the fondant one quick stir, then repeat the process with another cake.
Poured fondant is a shiny, pourable sugar icing traditionally used to cover petit When fondant is to be poured over cake, first apply a thin crumb coat of is incredibly fast, ThermoWorks Splash-Proof Super- Fast Thermapen. quick pour fondant cakes

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How to frost a professional looking cake with pourable faux fondant in minutes! Pour icing on center of cupcake using pan or measuring cup. Please show the cake from the front so we can see what it actually looks like when frosted this way. Besides being a cute novelty item for a party, I think the. So there would be a bit more of a learning curve.