What do you use to stick fondant to cake

what do you use to stick fondant to cake

You can attach fondant flowers to fondant cake either by creating fondant surface or by fashioning them.
Back to the fondant sticking business. After you 've covered your cake with ganache using my handy dandy tutorial (or however you like to do it, I won't judge).
Fondant is heavy, especially when you put a layer of marzipan under That would be much more suited to a dense cake (usually used on fruit. Quick tip on how to attach your fondant accents to your fondant covered cake. . process is just don't use too much water when you are gluing them together.
You all rock! Don't judge the horrible quality of the video- I had to tape myself using an old handheld video.
Links to products used in this tutorial: Flairosol Water Spray Bottle: kitchenaidprofefesional.com Wilton Turntable. what do you use to stick fondant to cake